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Arista Equestrian

Elise Genest 'Artpaillange' Quarter Zip

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Canadian fine artist Elise Genest's passion for painting horses matched perfectly to the Arista brand, inspiring a 'must-have' equestrian fashion piece. 'Artpaillange' features a dressage horse in dramatic movement pairs beautifully with a multitude of colors.

Performance-wise, there’s a lot to love about the Arista long sleeve quarter zip shirt.  The proprietary performance fabric wicks moisture and has been lightly brushed to feel luxuriously soft and reduce chafing.  It provides SPF 50 to block out the sun’s harmful rays and contains 23% spandex so you can enjoy total freedom of upper body movement while riding.  All Arista shirts are treated with an environmentally friendly finish that ensures they stay fresh, hygienic and odor resistant.

The long sleeve style is perfect for those wanting coverage from the sun without compromising comfort in the heat of the summer.  Lightweight, but not sheer or clingy, this shirt will protect your arms and shoulders while tonal mesh inserts beneath the sleeves provide discreet, cooling ventilation.  Details on this shirt are exquisite including a 9” front zipper with Arista pull, artist signature on back.